The Clootie is a traditional Scottish pudding which was made for New Year and other Special Occasions. My “Clooties” are handmade here in the Highlands of Scotland to Grannie's Traditional Recipe.

The Clooties are cooked in a cloth (the Scottish name for cloth is Cloot) and can be eaten on it's own, hot or cold or served with custard, cream or ice cream.

The Ingredients

32% Mixed Dried Fruit (Sultanas; Raisins; Dates)


Wheat flour

Vegetable fat



Baking Powder

Partially inverted sugar

Mixed spices

Raising Agents (Bicarbonate of Soda)

Yeast, Salt. Optional:- Nuts & Cherries.

The Making

All of the ingredients are mixed together. The mixture is then put into a hot damp floured cloth (cloot). The Dumpling is then placed into a "copper" to boil. When cooked it is turned out of the cloth onto a wire stand to cool and dry.

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